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WATCH: Biden hails Pfizer’s full approval by the FDA

President Joe Biden celebrated the full FDA approval of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine on Monday and is urging the unvaccinated to go get their inoculations.

Watch Biden’s remarks in the player above.

Biden addressed those who were waiting on the full approval and declared “it is now happened, the moment you’ve been waiting for is here.”

The FDA had previously approved three vaccines – Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson – under an emergency use authorization. Pfizer is the first to receive full FDA approval, which Biden dubbed the “gold standard.”

Saying the highly contagious Delta variant is “dangerous and spreading,”causing COVID cases to rise nationwide, Biden made clear, “there is not time to waste…it’s time to get your vaccination.”

Biden also used the moment to call on private companies to require their employees to get vaccinated.

Editor’s note: Johnson & Johnson is a funder for the PBS NewsHour.