WATCH: Former Ambassador Susan Rice says America’s greatest weakness is ‘profound political polarization’

Former Ambassador Susan Rice says America’s single greatest weakness now is “is our profound political polarization.”

“If we cannot find a way to put country over party, democracy over demagoguery, even in the face of such a dangerous external threat,” she said, referring to Russia’s interference in the 2016 elections, “then we might as well hang up our leadership cleats and resign ourselves to becoming a second-rate power.”

“That should not be our future. We are so much better than that,” she said.

The conference, hosted by the liberal Center for American Progress, focuses on how to move forward from the 2016 election. It’s also expected to offer a preview of those considering a 2020 run.

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Rice’s remarks to the conference come the day after the Washington Post reported that President Donald Trump may have shared highly-classified intelligence with Russian officials last week in the White House. Rice was caught up in the Trump-Russia controversy earlier this year, when several news organizations reported that she asked U.S. intelligence agencies last year to “unmask” the identity of individuals who communicated with Russian officials.

“We have to agree a hostile foreign power has no business messing with our elections,” she said, referring to Russia.

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