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WATCH: Pentagon to hold briefing amid evacuations in Afghanistan

Planes and helicopters were seen taking off and landing at Kabul airport on Friday as people continued attempts to escape the Taliban.

Watch the Pentagon briefing in the video player above.

Thousands continued to flock to the airport, braving checkpoints manned by Taliban fighters as they seek desperately to get on evacuation flights out.

The Pentagon said Thursday that about 2,000 people were brought out on American flights on each of the previous two days, and the State Department said 6,000 more were expected to leave that day.

But thousands of Americans and their Afghan allies may still be in need of escape.

Dozens of other flights have already brought hundreds more Western nationals and Afghan workers to Europe and elsewhere.

Chaos at the airport itself has sometimes hindered flights, but getting to the facility is the major challenge.

Germany was sending two helicopters to Kabul to help bring small numbers of people from elsewhere in the city to the airport, officials said.