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WATCH: Race Matters — America After George Floyd | A PBS NewsHour Special

One year after the police killing of George Floyd, where does America go from here?

In the special “Race Matters: America after George Floyd,” PBS NewsHour anchor and managing editor Judy Woodruff and our reporters talk to people and experts across the country about the lasting effects of systemic racism, the lingering distrust between communities of color and law enforcement, the trauma that remains for so many and what the future looks like.

Watch the special in the player above.

The special will include a look at how the country is grappling with racial inequities through the lens of three cities.

At the heart of last year’s George Floyd protests, Minneapolis, we explore why many outsiders were confused by what transpired while residents of the city say it was inevitable.

In St. Louis, the city has tried to resolve racial tension ever since the 2014 death of Michael Brown Jr., an unarmed teenager. But what has changed?

For Louisville, historical segregation and decades of disinvestment in Black communities may have created the conditions that caused police to kill Breonna Taylor in her own apartment, activists say.

The event will conclude with a panel of experts including DeRay Mckesson, co-founder of Campaign Zero, Margaret Huang, president and CEO of the Southern Poverty Law Center and Georgetown University law Professor Rosa Brooks who, five years ago, became a reserve police officer in Washington D.C. to better understand the profession.

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