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Jun 03

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When the South African voters went to the polls on Wednesday they voted in only the second all-race election to select the new parliament. The following is how their votes will shape the new legislature and choose the next president.

May 21

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After weeks of debate and dozens of amendments, the Senate approved a juvenile justice bill that includes new restrictions on gun sales and ownership. The debate now shifts to the House of Representatives.

May 20

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Exactly one month after the deadly shooting at Columbine High School and on the day of another school shooting in Georgia, the Senate has voted to impose new restrictions on gun sales.

May 19

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Debating Gun Control

In a move lauded by gun control advocates and Senate Democrats, Republican leaders have decided to allow consideration of more gun control amendments to the juvenile crime bill currently under consideration.

Apr 21

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Deadly School Violence

In what police have called an apparent "suicide mission," two students opened fire on classmates and faculty Tuesday at a suburban Denver high school, killing 15 and sending 23 to the hospital.

Apr 01

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Microsoft Talks Break Down

Talks between the Department of Justice and Microsoft broke down over the weekend. The following is a statement released April 1 by U.S. Court of Appeals Chief Judge Richard Posner in Chicago, the talks' mediator.

Feb 25

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The White House Plan

President Clinton has declared that saving Social Security should be the priority when using the current budget surplus. The White House published the following description of their proposal.