Political Checklist: Debt Ceiling Vote Symbolism

The House of Representatives is preparing to hold a symbolic vote on raising the government’s debt ceiling without spending cuts, a vote that is sure to fail as Republicans have said that they won’t support any increase in the limit without substantial cuts to spending.

Political Editor David Chalian and Senior Correspondents Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff analyze what the vote means, and why the House would hold a vote that is destined to fail.

President Obama plans to meet with some House Republicans and Democrats, separately this week, presumably to discuss bipartisan negotiations about how to put forward a vote on the debt ceiling that both parties can support.

The team also takes a look at Sarah Palin’s road trip and why Palin is able to command media attention wherever she goes – while also shunning reporters. Palin’s appearance at the Memorial weekend Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally in Washington, D.C. garnered her a lot of attention and marked the start of a bus tour across the country in which she will visit historical sites with her family.