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WATCH: Sondland says Pompeo gave ‘green light’ to tell Zelensky about link to investigations and aid

Ambassador Gordon Sondland says State Department leadership expressed “total support” for his diplomatic efforts on Ukraine.

Sondland is testifying Wednesday before the House impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, who held up military aide to Ukraine while pushing the Ukrainians to investigate a Democratic political rival.

Sondland says he wrote Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to ask for help in dealing with the “logjam” between Trump and Ukraine’s president after Ukraine became aware the military aid was held up.

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In an email, he asked Pompeo for help in figuring out a way for them to move forward on the “issues of importance” for Trump.

Pompeo replied: “Yes.”

Sondland also included an email from Pompeo where he told Sondland he was doing “great work.”