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Trump declares temporary government funding fix to end shutdown

President Donald Trump said on Friday that the 35-day shutdown would end after the White House and Congress had reached a deal to fund the government for three weeks.

Trump planned to sign a bill that would temporarily fund government until Feb. 15, to allow more time to negotiate on border security, he said from the White House Rose Garden. All federal employees would receive backpay, Trump said, but did not give details on a timeline.

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Upcoming negotiations with Democrats would focus in part on enhanced border security, and whether that would include having “barriers, fences or walls, whatever you want to call it,” Trump said. And if Congress doesn’t budge on funding Trump’s plan for border security, he said the government would either shut down again or he would use his power to address what he called an “emergency.”

“Over the next 21 days, I expect Democrats and Republicans will operate in good faith. This is an opportunity for all parties to work together,” Trump said. He also said Congress would need to “put partisanship aside and put the security of the American people first.”

“It’s just common sense. Walls work,” he said, referring to security measures in Israel and his own push for a wall along the southern border.

Increased U.S. border security would include drones, Trump said, saying the nation doesn’t need 2,000 miles of walls. Instead, the president said the plan would result in “proposed structures” built where U.S. Border Patrol identified “predetermined, high-risk locations” and would include humanitarian assistance for migrants.

The Senate is expected to approve Friday’s deal, followed by the House later in the day. Members of Trump’s own party had begun to lobby the White House on Thursday to seek a solution. Polls have also shown the shutdown has affected Trump’s support from his base.