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President Donald Trump gestures as he walks with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in the Capella Hotel after their working ...

Trump says denuclearization must be verifiable

SINGAPORE — President Donald Trump is telling reporters that North Korea’s denuclearization will have to be total and verifiable as he prepares to head home from his historic summit with Kim Jong Un.

Trump spoke with reporters on Tuesday shortly before Air Force One took off from Singapore after a day of meetings with Kim.

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Trump says the U.S. would have to verify North Korea’s denuclearization. He says: “We’re going to have to check it. We will check it. Total and complete.”

Trump is heading home a day earlier than expected. He said he didn’t want to stay an extra night when everything he’d set out to do had been accomplished.

He says, “There was nothing more we could have done.”

Trump will be stopping in Guam and Hawaii as he makes his way back to Washington.

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