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WATCH: Cohen says he can’t discuss other Trump ‘wrongdoing’ because it’s under investigation

President Donald Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, says prosecutors in New York are investigating conversations that Trump or his advisers had with Cohen after his hotel room was raided by the FBI.

When Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi, D-Ill., asked Michael Cohen about the last time he communicated with President Donald Trump or someone acting on his behalf, Cohen said he could not discuss the content of the interaction because it is the subject of investigation by the Southern District of New York.

Krishnamoorthi also asked if there was any other wrongdoing or illegal acts committed by the president that Cohen knew of. Cohen said yes, and that he could not discuss it because it was being investigated.

Cohen says it was about two months after his hotel room was raided by the FBI in April 2018. But Cohen is declining to provide more specific details and says prosecutors are investigating the matter.

Cohen has pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations, lying to Congress and other offenses.

He’s been cooperating with prosecutors and is expected to begin a three-year prison sentence in May.