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WATCH: Lewandowski said President Trump asked him to urge then-AG Sessions to oversee Russia investigation

Corey Lewandowski is confirming that President Donald Trump asked him to urge Jeff Sessions to reverse himself and oversee the Russia investigation. Lewandowski never delivered that message, but he told the House Judiciary Committee that Trump didn’t ask him to break the law.

He said, “I didn’t think the president asked me to do anything illegal.” Under questioning later by Louisiana Democrat Hank Johnson, Lewandowski confirmed as “accurate” that Trump had asked him to deliver the message.

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Asked why, according to the Mueller report, he never delivered the message to Sessions as instructed, Lewandowski answered that he had taken his kids to the beach.

Lewandowski never worked for Trump in the White House, but remained a confidant.

The questioning came as the Democratic-led panel conducted its first impeachment hearing.

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