WATCH: Biden gives speech in Ohio on boosting American manufacturing

President Joe Biden is putting the spotlight on a rare bipartisan down payment boosting U.S. manufacturing as he visits the political battleground state of Ohio, and the groundbreaking of a new Intel computer chip facility.

Watch Biden’s remarks in the player above.

Biden went to suburban Columbus to take a victory lap after the passage of his CHIPS and Science Act in July.

Intel had delayed groundbreaking on the $20 billion plant until the legislation was passed by Congress.

Speaking at the construction site of the new plant, Biden declared, “It’s time to bury the label rust belt and call it … the Silicon heartland.”

“Made in Ohio and made in America is not just a slogan. It’s happening,” Biden said. “The future of the chip industry is going to be made in America, made in America.”

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In his State of the Union address last March, Biden envisioned the Intel plant as a model for a U.S. economy that revolves around technology, factories and the middle class.

The plant speaks to how the president is trying to revive American manufacturing nationwide, including in states that are solidly Republican or political toss-ups

Factory work is one of the few issues going into November’s midterm elections that has crossover appeal at a time when issues such as abortion, inflation and the nature of democracy have dominated the contest to control Congress.

The new CHIPS and Science Act provides $28 billion in incentives for semiconductor production, $10 billion for new manufacturing of chips and $11 billion for research and development. The funding follows similar efforts by Europe and China to accelerate chip production, which political leaders see as essential for competing economically and militarily.

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