WATCH: Democrats hold news briefing on two new statues honoring former Supreme Court Justices O’Connor and Ginsburg

The Democratic Women’s Caucus spoke about the historical event of welcoming two new statues honoring women Supreme Court justices Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the U.S. Capitol.

Watch in the event in the live player above.

The two statues were built after President Joe Biden signed legislation last month authorizing their installation.

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“These statues will serve as inspiration to future generations of children from across the country and around the world who pass through the halls of Congress,” the Democratic Women’s Caucus said in a tweet.

It’s not clear where the statues will be placed, though Minnesota Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who sponsored the legislation to erect the statues, said at a news conference that she would “certainly make the case” for them to live in the Rotunda. Their placement will be determined by the architect of the Capitol, Klobuchar said.

“But I have a feeling they’re going to be so popular that they better be in a prominent place so many people can see them,” she said.

The legislation calls for the statues to be designed and built within two years and displayed in a “prominent location,” Klobuchar said, adding “That, to me, means no to the basement.”

Also at the news conference was Scott O’Connor, the eldest of Sandra Day O’Connor’s three sons.

“We’re delighted that mom is sharing the honor with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, her colleague, and her family. I know that if my dad were here, standing alongside Marty Ginsburg, the two of them would be patting each other on the back and beaming with pride. They loved their wives,” O’Conner said, tearing up.

“Our hope is that the statues of these two heroines will be placed with their stories as role models for our fellow citizens.”