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WATCH: Georgia official gives update as vote counting continues

Votes are still being counted in Atlanta-area counties as Americans watch from around the nation to see whether Georgia will give Democrat Joe Biden the electoral votes he needs to become president.

Watch his remarks in the video player above.

“The reality is it’s about 60,000 votes that are out right now and we’re working with the counties to make sure that they have properly put their stuff into their system,” said Gabriel Sterling, Georgia Statewide Voting System Implementation Manager.

“Sometimes they’re going to forget to press the upload button. So we recently this morning done an extra email and follow up phone calls through our liaisons and the elections office to make sure they have uploaded everything.”

The Associated Press has not declared a winner in Georgia’s presidential contest because the race between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden is too early to call.

Several counties were shifting Thursday from scanning the final absentee ballots to having review panels study any votes that were flagged electronically to make sure the voter’s intent was clear.

“To get these done today, if possible, and we’re working with the counties who might be having questions about how to do this properly, because the main thing we want to do fast is great and we appreciate fast. We more appreciate accuracy, said Sterling.

“Accuracy is going to be the bedrock upon which people will believe the outcomes of these election, be they on the winning side of the losing side. So accuracy is vital and is the key to all of our processes.”

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