WATCH: House Republicans hold briefing to oppose new gun laws in response to recent mass shootings

House Republican members of the Second Amendment Caucus renewed their attacks on Democratic plans to advance legislation to place more restrictions on gun rights.

Watch the event in the player above.

“What we shouldn’t do is accept the Democrats jamming radical left wing legislation through Congress at the expense of the American people’s liberty and freedom,” Colorado Republican Lauren Boebert said.

The Caucus formed in 2016 by conservative and libertarian Republicans to “promote a pro-gun agenda” according to founding chairman, Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie.

The Democratic-led House is expected to pass legislation that would raise the age limit for purchasing a semi-automatic rifle and prohibit the sale of ammunition magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds.

But the legislation has almost no chance of becoming law as the Senate pursues negotiations focused on improving mental health programs, bolstering school security and enhancing background checks.

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“The idea that you can take away somebody’s rights without due process as the bill that Speaker Pelosi is bringing to the floor under the name Red Flag is unconstitutional, violates multiple sections of our Constitution that give Americans the right to due process, Rep. Steve Scalise said.

The House bill does allow Democratic lawmakers a chance to frame for voters in November where they stand on policies that polls show appeal to a majority.

Majorities of U.S. adults think mass shootings would occur less often if guns were harder to get, and that schools and other public places have become less safe than they were two decades ago.

Boebert took an opportunity the news conference to have a dig at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who’s husband Paul was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence last month.

“Maybe you all should do your job and remind Speaker Pelosi how dangerous DUIs are and how many lives are lost at the hands of drunk drivers, rather than pushing forward eight unconstitutional gun legislation this week in Congress,” she told reporters.

The DUI arrest came after the Porsche Paul Pelosi was driving was hit by another vehicle in Northern California’s wine country, authorities said.