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WATCH: Pence aims to rally Hispanic voters while in Florida

Vice President Mike Pence is rallying Hispanic voters in Florida by highlighting President Donald Trump’s record opposing socialist leaders across Latin America.

Watch the vice president’s remarks in the player above.

Pence said Thursday that their support in the battleground state is crucial to guarantee Trump’s reelection. About 2.4 million Latinos are registered to vote for the 2020 presidential election in Florida.

A few hundred Trump supporters who emigrated from various countries gathered at the Cuban Memorial in Miami’s Tamiami Park to cheer for Pence as he criticized Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for being part of former President Barack Obama’s normalization of relations with Cuba in 2014.

Pence says, “President Trump brought eight years of appeasement to an end and President Donald Trump will only stand hand in hand with you.”

For the past four years, Trump has been taking steps to reinstate an economic blockade of Cuba and reverse Obama’s thaw.