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Pence participates in discussion of COVID-19 challenges in nursing homes

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence visited central Florida Wednesday, holding talks with the governor and dropping off protective equipment at a nursing home.

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In ten boxes, carried aboard Air Force Two to Florida, were over 300 face masks, 2400 pairs of gloves, nearly 250 gowns and nearly 50 goggles.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis defended his state’s record to coronavirus to reporters after Pence made remarks, via cell phone, to staff at the Westminster Baldwin Park nursing home.

“A lot of people in your profession who wax poetically for weeks and weeks about how Florida was going to be just like New York. Wait two weeks, Florida is going to be next,” DeSantis told reporters. “Well, hell, we’re eight weeks away from that. And it hasn’t happened.”

“We’re watching very carefully what’s taking place in South America, including in Brazil,” Pence told reporters.

“We saw in recent days it was a significant spike in cases and the president’s made it clear that we’re considering additional travel restrictions, not just including Brazil, but other countries.”

Pence is later due to meet with tourism officials as the region’s biggest tourist destination – Walt Disney World – continued taking steps toward reopening.