WATCH: Speaker Pelosi holds briefing ahead of House debate on extension of debt limit

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi told reporters Tuesday that over the years Republicans and Democrats have voted against lifting the debt ceiling, “but never to the extent of jeopardizing it.”

Watch Pelosi’s news briefing in the player above.

Lawmakers from both parties have used the debt ceiling votes as leverage for other priorities in the past.

Pelosi said she hoped that Congress would lift the debt ceiling in a bipartisan way this December because of the stakes involved. But she also floated a bill sponsored by Rep. Brendan Boyle, D-Pa., that would transfer the duty of raising the debt limit away from Congress and vest it with the Treasury secretary, saying, “I think it has merit.”

WATCH LIVE: House returns to stave off default with debt limit vote

Members of the House are scrambling to Washington to pass a short-term lift of the nation’s debt limit. The vote Tuesday will ensure the federal government can continue fully paying its bills into December. House Democrats are expected to have enough votes on their own to ensure that President Joe Biden can sign the bill into law this week.

At a press conferene Tuesday, Pelosi also commented on negotiations to trim Biden’s massive social spending and environment plan. Pelosi said, “whatever we do, we’ll make decisions that will continue to be transformative about women in the workplace.”

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