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WATCH: Trump attacks Biden over plans for coronavirus, economy

President Donald Trump used a Labor Day news conference from the White House to criticise his presidential election opponent, Joe Biden, over his plans for handling the coronavirus pandemic.

Watch the president’s remarks in the player above.

Trump assailed the Democratic ticket and put the halting economic recovery under the best light, asserting that Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden and his vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris would “destroy this country and would destroy this economy.”

The U.S. economy has been steadily rebounding from its epic collapse in the spring as many businesses have reopened and rehired some laid-off employees.

Yet the recovery is far from complete. Only about half the 22 million jobs that vanished in the pandemic have been recovered.

Under a possible Biden Administration, Trump said, the Democratic presidential candidate will ”shut down the entire US economy” and ”causing countless deaths from suicide, substance abuse, depression, heart disease and other very serious illnesses.”

Trump accused the Democrats of ”politicalizing” the US race for finding a coronavirus vaccine which, according to Trump, could be delivered as early as next month.

”The vaccine will be very safe and very effective and it’ll be delivered very soon and you could you could have a very big surprise coming up, I’m sure you’ll be very happy, but the people will be happy, the people of the world will be happy,” he said.