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WATCH: As Supreme Court weighs travel ban case, Trump says he won’t apologize for immigration rhetoric

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump says he and Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari did not discuss his reported use of a vulgarity in describing African countries earlier this year.

Answering a reporter’s question Monday, Trump said he and Buhari did not talk about reports that he used a term for a filthy toilet when telling U.S. lawmakers that he wanted less immigration from certain countries in Africa and more from places like Norway.

Trump said Monday that there are “some countries that are in very bad shape and very tough places to live in.”

Buhari deflected, saying he was unsure about “whether that allegation against the president was true or not.”

Trump adds that he and Buhari didn’t discuss it “because the president knows me and he knows where I’m coming from.”

Trump also refused to apologize for his inflammatory rhetoric on immigration, even if it impacts the legal fortune of his travel ban.

The president said Monday at the news conference that he had nothing for which to apologize.

He also said he did not believe it would make any difference. The latest iteration of his travel ban is currently being considered by the Supreme Court.

Trump also said his administration was monitoring the progress of a caravan of migrants making its way north through Latin America toward the United States.

He declined to say how many of the migrants should be admitted to the U.S. but bemoaned the nation’s immigration laws as “the worst.”

PBS NewsHour will update this story as it develops.