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WATCH: Trump holds campaign rally in Minnesota a day after first presidential debate

Trump was attending an afternoon fundraiser in Shorewood, Minnesota, a suburb to the west of Minneapolis, and will be appearing at an evening campaign rally in Duluth on the shores of Lake Superior.

Watch Trump’s remarks in the player above.

While Trump carried Ohio and Pennsylvania four years ago, he narrowly lost Minnesota, one of the few states he hopes to flip from blue to red this fall. The president’s path to success likely depends on finding more votes in rural, conservative areas and limiting his losses in the state’s urban and suburban areas.

It’s a strategy Trump’s campaign is trying to execute in other states and it depends on a robust field operation with the money and time to track down infrequent or first-time voters. That could be a tall order since Minnesota already has one of the nation’s highest voter turnout rates.

Biden and wife, meanwhile, travelled through Ohio and Pennsylvania aboard a nine-car train bearing a campaign logo, a throwback to Biden’s days as a senator when he commuted most days via Amtrak from his family’s home in Delaware to Capitol Hill.

Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan, a Democrat, said that Trump’s behavior in the debate was exactly why suburban voters across the Midwest and beyond have turned against him.

“I feel like he took an axe to one of the great American rituals we have in this country,” Ryan said.

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