WATCH: Vice President Harris hosts roundtable with faith leaders on reproductive health care

Vice President Kamala Harris hosted a roundtable Monday with faith leaders on the state of reproductive health care in the United States.

Watch Harris’ remarks in the player above.

“The faith leader that are gathered here today are representative of many different faiths, many different communities, but share a common purpose which is to bring healing and hope and sense of community to all people,” Harris said.

The event, held at the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor headquarters, comes as a leaked draft opinion suggests that the Supreme Court is poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, which will likely cause abortion to banned or greatly restricted in about half the U.S. states.

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Experts and advocates also fear repercussions could reach even further, affecting care for women who miscarry, couples seeking fertility treatments and access to some forms of contraception.

“It will directly, if not indirectly, impact other privacy rights including the right to have access to contraception, and the right to marry the person you love,” Harris said during the remarks.

Amid multiple mass shootings in the past few weeks, Harris also addressed the need to discuss how “hate manifests itself in violent acts” and what laws are needed to curb that violence.

“We have seen so many communities who are being targeted simply because of who they are,” she said.