WATCH: White House reacts to China announcement that it’ll end contact with U.S. on major issues

The White House has reacted to China’s Friday announcement that it was ending all contact with the United States on major issues — including crucial climate cooperation that led to the international 2015 Paris accord — as tensions and public rebukes ratcheted higher over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre says China’s reaction is “fundamentally irresponsible.”

Watch the event in the video player above.

“We’ll continue our efforts to keep open lines of communication with Beijing while defending our interests and values in the region,” she said.
China’s move to freeze key lines of communication adds to a rapid souring of relations from Pelosi’s visit and from the Chinese response with military exercises off Taiwan, including firing missiles that splashed down in surrounding waters.

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The White House summoned China’s ambassador, Qin Gang, late Thursday to tell him that the military actions were of “concern to Taiwan, to us and to our partners around the world,” said spokesman John Kirby.

Ominously, experts in China-U.S. relations warned that China’s diplomatic and military moves appeared to go beyond retaliatory measures for the visit and could open a new, more openly hostile era, and a more uncertain time for Taiwan’s democratic government.

China’s measures, which come amid cratering relations between Beijing and Washington, are the latest in a series of steps intended to punish the U.S. for allowing the visit to the island it claims as its own territory, to be annexed by force if necessary. China on Thursday launched threatening military exercises in six zones just off Taiwan’s coasts, and they will run through Sunday.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin says it’s open to talking about a possible prisoner exchange involving American basketball star Brittney Griner but is strongly warning Washington against publicizing the issue.

A judge convicted the 31-year-old Griner Thursday of drug possession and smuggling, and sentenced her to nine years in prison. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke last week to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov about a trade to free Griner, and the two of them were both in Cambodia for an Asian summit on Friday. Lavrov said Moscow was “ready to discuss” a prisoner swap but that U.S. President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin only could talk about a deal via confidential channels.

“We have to keep the negotiations private,” Jean-Pierre tells reporters on Friday, but continued to urge Russia to take the “substantial offer” the U.S. put on the table already.