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WATCH: Sen. Graham says impeachment ‘won’t matter much’ by election day

Sen. Lindsey Graham criticized the House managers and Senate Democrats ahead of their opening arguments in the impeachment trial on Wednesday.

Graham said that during the Mueller investigation, he worked with his Democratic colleagues to make sure President Donald Trump cooperated with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

“Now, the same people that patted me on the back are asking me to railroad the guy, to legitimize the process in the House that will destroy the presidency over time. I will not be part of that,” said Graham.

Graham also said that if he was the president, “I wouldn’t cooperate at all with these people,” referring to the House managers.

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Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff of California, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, is leading the prosecution team. The House prosecutors will have 24 hours over the next three days to present their case. The president’s lawyers will follow with another 24 hours over three days to mount a defense. They are expected to take only Sunday off.