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WATCH: Senate kills impeachment amendment to subpoena White House documents

The U.S. Senate voted Tuesday to kill an amendment that would have required the Senate to subpoena White House documents and witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

The amendment offered by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was the first of several amendments Democrats are proposing to Sen. Mitch McConnell’s “organizing resolution” that determines the rules of the trial.

The vote indicated it was unlikely the Senate would subpoena any additional evidence or witnesses before House managers—the seven Democrats who act as prosecutors—and Trump’s legal team present their cases.

Schumer’s amendment was defeated 53 to 47, along party lines.

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Sen. Susan Collins, a moderate Republican from Maine, said she plans to vote against any efforts to subpoena documents or witnesses before the Senate hears opening arguments and has the opportunity to ask questions.

“While I need to hear the case argued and the questions answered, I anticipate that I would conclude that having additional information would be helpful. It is likely that I would support a motion to subpoena witnesses at that point in the trial just as I did in 1999,” Collins said referring to the impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton.

Earlier in the day, McConnell changed his resolution so that House managers and Trump’s lawyers are allowed make 24 hours’ worth of arguments spread over three days instead of two.

The change was made after Collins and other Republican senators raised concerns about requiring the arguments be made in 12-hour segments over two days, which would have pushed the Senate trial sessions late into the night, or even into the early morning hours.