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WATCH: Trump speaks on the virus while visiting North Carolina food program

President Donald Trump says without evidence that the coronavirus is fading, a claim that he has been making for months.

Watch Trump’s remarks in the player above.

In the toss-up state of North Carolina, Trump spoke on a tarmac in Fletcher to several hundred cheering supporters — the majority not wearing masks — after he addressed delegates at the Republican National Convention in Charlotte.

Trump says the nation will “put this horrible incident coming from China behind us and we will have the vaccines very soon, but it’s going to be fading, and it is starting to fade.”

The U.S. coronavirus death toll and case count have been climbing for months. More than 176,000 Americans have now died of the coronavirus, by far more than any other country.

Trump predicted positive third quarter results for the U.S. economy and said next year would be even better.

After brief remarks, Trump drove to Mills River, where he was to tour Flavor First Growers and Packers and speak at a Farmers to Families food box distribution program.

Along the motorcade route to Mills River, some people expressed their disapproval of Trump’s presidency. One man, wearing a mask, held a cloth banner that said: “Mr. Trump Spewing Lies. Spreading COVID.”