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Ask a teenager: What are the 2018 midterms about?

From opinions about gun laws to issues of inequality and immigration tactics, middle and high school students with PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Lab asked teenagers across the country what are on their minds in the countdown to the 2018 midterms.

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  • Ishan Bhanot, Santa Fe HS (Edmond, OK):

    A lot of midterm elections are going to be facing like education budgets which are again relevant because I'm still in public education and the school teacher walkout did affect us.

  • Gage Johnson, Mid-Maine Technical HS (Waterville, ME):

    I've known many people who I talked to who are very stuck on both sides. For instance gun control people think that it should be controlled but they don't think it should be controlled so much that they lose all their weapons.

  • Ross Bauman, Pine Crest HS (Fort Lauderdale, FL):

    Gun laws definitely need to be re-evaluated. Not necessarily banning guns but there definitely needs to be a change in the policies whether it be like more background checks, not allowing people with mental issues that have been diagnosed to obtain guns, and I think that would be if I were in office that would be my number one priority.

  • Lily Choplin, Middle Creek HS (Apex, NC):

    I'm not very political but one thing I'm very passionate about is pro-life. And so probably something that sways me when I'm looking into senators or governors to vote for.

  • Mikael Virji, Morgantown HS (Morgantown, WV):

    If the Democrats win then they will be able to block a lot of measures that have been anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim and both of those would affect me.

  • Emerson Morrow, New Mexico State University (Las Cruces, NM):

    Immigration is the important issue. And the most polarizing issue.

  • Axel Siliezar, Northview HS (Covina, CA):

    I feel like a specific issue that is moving me a lot is DACA. Because I am an international student. I have been here for two years and I really think that everyone should have an equal opportunity to study.

  • Noelle Lo, Maui HS (Kahului, HI):

    People are still accepting of the LGBTQ community or our races like oh you're not the certain race so how are we going to accept you in this job or something. I feel like inequality is still a big thing.

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