News Wrap: Bidens pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II in London

In our news wrap Sunday, the Bidens paid their respects to Queen Elizabeth II in London, Ukraine made strategic gains against Russian forces to the south, Nancy Pelosi led a congressional delegation to Armenia amid a cease-fire with Azerbaijan, Hurricane Fiona made landfall in Puerto Rico and knocked out power to the whole island, and the remnants of a typhoon caused widespread flooding in Alaska.

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  • Geoff Bennett:

    Good evening. It's great to be with you. And as we come on the air final preparations are underway for tomorrow's funeral for Queen Elizabeth II, the first state funeral in the UK in nearly six decades. President Biden and First Lady Joe Biden are in London to pay their respects. And we have this report from Emma Murphy of Independent Television News.

  • Emma Murphy, Independent Television News (voiceover):

    In life, the Queen was a global figure. In death, leaders from across the globe have traveled to pay their respects to her. She had pledged lifelong service and she delivered on that pledge, commanding respect from those who know the weight of similar service.

    Later, after signing the official book of condolence, the President reflected on the Queen's contribution to the world.

  • Joe Biden, U.S. President:

    All people un United Kingdom, my hearts go out to you and you were fortunate to have had over 70 years we all were the world's better for. Thank you.

  • Emma Murphy:

    On the eve of what is likely to be the largest state funeral in British history, the weight of welcome falls to the new king.

  • Man:

    The prime minister of Papua New Guinea, Your Majesty.

  • Emma Murphy:

    From across the world countries large and small leaders have journeyed to offer their condolences for a woman who served longer than all of them.

    Tonight at Buckingham Palace, foreign royalty and foreign dignitaries are gathering to remember a woman who often inspired them and offer support to the family who must now honor her legacy.

  • Queen Rania Al-Abdullah, Jordan:

    My heart goes out to them. It's a very difficult. I know how much they loved her deeply respected her how much of a role model she was to all of them and I think she has instilled in them the most important values of a deep sense of duty of discipline, of service for the country. Every leader has his — will leave his own mark. But I think the main principles are going to continue throughout the generations.

  • Emma Murphy:

    And from the family tonight, another expression of the loss they feel. The Duke of York issuing a statement saying Mommy, your love for a son, your compassion, your care your confidence, I will treasure forever. I have found your knowledge and wisdom infinite, with no boundary or containment. I will miss your insights, advice and humor. Unforgettable to the family and to many of those who feel she was also a part of their families.

  • Geoff Bennett:

    The Queen state funeral starts at 6:00 a.m. Eastern and we'll have coverage of the day's events starting at 2:00 a.m. Eastern on our website

    In the day's other headlines hurricane Fiona made landfall along the southern coast of Puerto Rico today and is knocked out power across the entire island, leaving millions without electricity. The officials there say it could take days to fully restore. President Biden had already approved an emergency declaration and offered federal assistance.

    In preparation for the storm, residents have boarded up homes and businesses bracing for torrential rains and heavy flooding. Almost five years ago to the day hurricane Maria battered the island, killing nearly 3,000 people in the months that followed.

    Meantime, in Alaska streets resembled rivers as the remnants of a Pacific typhoon caused widespread flooding across much of the western coast of that state. There have been no reports of deaths or injuries. Alaska's governor has declared a disaster for the affected areas.

    Ukraine has claimed strategic gains against Russian forces this time to the south , in the Russian controlled city of Kherson. Ukraine's military today claims to have disabled all crossings across the Dnipro River, cutting off critical Russian supply routes.

    But in Donetsk, to the east, artillery shelling has killed five civilians. Both sides blame the other for the deaths. The British defense ministry today warns that Russia is likely to increase its attacks on civilian targets, as it suffers battlefield defeats from recent Ukrainian counter offensives.

    And House Speaker Nancy Pelosi led a congressional delegation to Armenia this weekend as a fragile ceasefire there holds along the border with Azerbaijan. Footage from Armenian officials claims to show Azerbaijani troop movements along its border. More than 200 soldiers from both sides have been killed in recent fighting between the two countries. And a news conference Pelosi condemned the violence and said the blame lies squarely with Azerbaijan.

    Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House: This was initiated by the authorities and that there has to be recognition of that and how that will stop. This territorial security and sovereignty of Armenia, the democracy of Armenia is a value to us in America.

  • Geoff Bennett:

    Pelosi has comments through a strong rebuke from Azerbaijan, which said her remarks threaten the prospects of peace. And still to come on PBS News Weekend," how some farmers are helping fight climate change. And my one on one with Dallas Mavericks CEO Cynt Marshall.

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