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News Wrap: Chicago police release video from fatal shooting of unarmed black teen

In our news wrap Friday, authorities in Chicago released video footage of a car chase and altercation between police and black teenager Paul O’Neal, who was fatally shot. Reports indicate O’Neal was unarmed. Also, in South Africa, the African National Congress is facing its worst electoral loss since 1994, when it ended white-minority rule. A poor economy and alleged corruption drove the defeat.

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    In the day's other news: July proved to be a healthy month for hiring by U.S. employers. The Labor Department reports a net gain of 255,000 jobs for the month. The unemployment rate stayed at 4.9 percent, as more people entered the work force and nearly all were hired. We will take a deeper look at the economy in this presidential campaign year right after the news summary.

    The jobs report gave Wall Street a big boost, leading to their biggest gains in almost a month. The Dow Jones industrial average gained 191 points to close at 18543. The Nasdaq rose nearly 55 points and the S&P 500 added 18.

    Authorities in Chicago released video today from the fatal shooting of a black teenager by police last week. Paul O'Neal was mortally wounded during a car chase. The clips show police firing multiple times at the speeding car, and then chasing O'Neal on foot. Officers can be heard saying they thought they'd been shot at first, but no gun was found.

    In South Africa, tonight, the ruling African National Congress is facing its worst electoral defeat since it ended white minority rule in 1994. Results from local elections show the group losing control of the city of Port Elizabeth and possibly of Johannesburg and Pretoria. It's driven by a poor economy and alleged corruption.

  • ZAKHELE KHANYI, Former ANC Supporter (through translator):

    You saw how the ANC performed in the township here. Nothing seems to progress, but go and see how they stay in top hotels, and at the end of the day, they give us T-shirts and no service delivery.


    These local results could foreshadow trouble for the ANC in national elections coming in 2019.

    There's word that Islamic State fighters have captured some 3,000 villagers in Northern Iraq. The U.N. Refugee Agency reports that it happened Thursday as the refugees were trying to reach shelter in Kirkuk. U.N. officials say ISIS militants are using the Iraqis as human shields against attacks by government forces.

    And it's officially opening night at the Summer Olympics in Brazil. The run-up in Rio de Janeiro has been marked by political and economic turmoil, and worries about Zika and pollution. Even today, the Olympic torch was forced to detour after thousands of protesters blocked the Copacabana Beach Boulevard. They were calling for the interim president's removal.

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