News Wrap: COVID hits all-time high across the UK, pope considers visit to Kyiv

In our news wrap Saturday, COVID hits an all-time high across the United Kingdom with nearly 5 million people thought to have the virus, Pope Francis says he is considering a visit to Ukraine’s capital, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin announces a bid for Congress, and the South Carolina Gamecocks will face the UConn Huskies Sunday for the women’s national championship.

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  • Geoff Bennett:

    In today's headlines, Pope Francis says he's considering a possible visit to the Ukrainian Capital, Kyiv, as war rages on in that country. The Pope told reporters a visit is on the table while traveling to Malta today to draw attention to Europe's migration crisis.

    He also implicitly criticized Vladimir Putin for unleashing the threat of nuclear war and an act of "infantile and destructive aggression."

    A Guantanamo Bay detainee will be repatriated back to Algeria. The Defense Department announced today. Sufiyan Barhoumi has been held there for the last 18 years, but was cleared for release in 2016. The Pentagon says holding him was, "no longer necessary."

    COVID has hit an all-time high across the United Kingdom. Almost 5 million people are thought to have the virus. That's according to the British government. That's about one in every 13 people. This surge is driven by a more transmissible Omicron variant known as BA.2.

    And former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin announced yesterday that she is running for Congress after more than a decade away from national politics. Palin last ran as John McCain's Vice Presidential running mate in 2008. Now she joins a crowded field of 50 candidates running for Alaska's lone House seat held for nearly 50 years by the late Don Young who died last month.

    And the stage is set, the South Carolina Gamecocks led by star player Aliyah Boston will face off against one of basketball's greatest dynasties, the UConn Huskies for the Women's National Championship tomorrow night. The Gamecocks won their first national title back in 2017. But the Huskies have never lost. And they're seeking their 12 national title.

    And still to come on PBS News Weekend, how new rules for student athletes are playing into this year's March Madness. And a hit new TV show which dresses education equity through a comedic lens.

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