News Wrap: Embattled Uvalde schools police chief steps down from city council

In our news wrap Saturday, the district police chief for Uvalde schools has resigned from his position on the City Council amid a growing outcry, Texas' top court ruled against a temporary four-day window to abortion access, New York reimposed limits on firearms after a Supreme Court ruling, and California passed tough new restrictions on plastic waste.

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  • Lisa Desjardins:

    Good evening. We start tonight in Texas and yet another turn on abortion. Late last night, the state Supreme Court ruled against and seemed to close a temporary four-day window to abortion access. A lower court had ruled that a century old law banning abortion could not go into effect. It allowed providers to resume abortion services this Tuesday for very early pregnancy.

    Now, the state's highest court's decision to overrule that as clinics again sorting out if they can provide any abortions. We will have more on the ripple effects from the U.S. Supreme Court's abortion decision later in the program.

    Also in Texas, the embattled district police chief for Uvalde's schools has resigned from his position on the city council amidst a growing outcry. He was already placed on administrative leave from the School District, Chief Pete Arredondo came under fierce criticism for his decision making during the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School, the left 19 students and two teachers dead.

    New York has imposed some limits on firearms even after the Supreme Court recently struck down the state's laws on carrying firearms outside the home. Applicants for a handgun license will need to attest to their character, temperament and judgment in order to be entrusted with a weapon. Republicans decried the measure, but Governor Kathy Hochul said it was her responsibility to keep New Yorkers safe.

    Gov. Kathy Hochul, (D) New York: I refuse to surrender my right as governor to protect New Yorkers from gun violence or any other form of harm. We're not going backwards. They may think they can change our lives with a stroke of a pen. But we have pens too.

  • Lisa Desjardins:

    California this week passed some of the nation's toughest rules and restrictions in the effort to reduce plastic waste. The state's new law requires that all single use packaging which includes plastic food takeout containers, be recyclable or compostable by the year 2032.

    The law also requires that plastic producers flip the bill for the cost of recycling. And if you're hitting the road or hopping on a flight this holiday weekend, you may be hit with some serious headaches. AAA predicts this Fourth of July weekend will be the second busiest for travel since 2000, with nearly 48 million Americans traveling out of town. That demand has especially affected air travel since Friday over 10,000 flights so far have been canceled or delayed.

    Still to come on "PBS News Weekend," we look at what the Biden administration can and cannot do as it looks for ways to protect abortion access. And former U.S. soccer star Briana Scurry opens up about the highs and lows of her historic career.

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