News Wrap: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy criticized Republicans after Jan. 6

In our news wrap Wednesday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy faces new disclosures that he criticized Republicans after Jan. 6, former President Trump appealed a New York court's contempt finding, a battle over Native American rights returned to the Supreme Court, ousted Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi was sentenced to jail, and SpaceX sent four astronauts to the Internationals Space Station.

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  • Amna Nawaz:

    In the day's other news: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy faced news disclosures that he criticized far right Republicans after January 6 of last year. The New York Times released another recorded conversation with McCarthy following the attack on the U.S. Capitol. In it, he warns that some lawmakers could incite fresh violence with their fiery statements.

  • Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA):

    Tension is too high. The country is too crazy. I do not want to look back and think we caused something or we missed something and someone got hurt. I don't want to play politics with any of that.

  • Amna Nawaz:

    In public, McCarthy made no criticism of the lawmakers or of former President Trump. And, today, he met with House Republicans and received a standing ovation.

    Lawyers for Mr. Trump appealed a contempt finding today and fines of $10,000 a day. A state judge in New York cited him for failing to hand over documents in a civil investigation. That centers on allegations that the Trump Organization misled bankers and tax officials about the value of its properties. It's unclear whether the appeal puts the fines on hold.

    A battle over Native American rights has returned to the U.S. Supreme Court. A 2020 decision had barred Oklahoma from prosecuting crimes against Native Americans on reservations. Today, the state argued that's led to chaos, because federal and tribal prosecutors are overworked. Tribal leaders said Republican Governor Kevin Stitt wants to undermine their sovereignty.

    A scathing report released today finds police in Minneapolis have shown a stark pattern of racial discrimination against Black residents. The investigation was ordered after George Floyd's murder by a white officer in 2020. Today, the Minnesota human rights commissioner said the problems go back at least a decade.

    Rebecca Lucero, Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Human Rights: Now, MPD's data shows that officers are more likely to stop Black community members for longer. They are more likely to search Black community members or their vehicles. They're more likely to cite Black community members, use force against Black community members and arrest Black community members during a traffic stop.

  • Amna Nawaz:

    The report says the state and the city will negotiate an agreement on better training and communications.

    In China, authorities in Shanghai will begin new rounds of COVID testing to decide which areas can reopen. A lockdown lasting nearly a month confined most of the city's 25 million residents to their homes, sparking widespread anger. Meanwhile, in Beijing, millions have been tested for a second time this week, as the capital battles its own outbreak.

    A court in Myanmar has sentenced the ousted leader Aung San Suu Kyi to five years in jail in the first of 11 corruption cases against her. Suu Kyi had denied taking bribes of cash and gold from a political colleague. She has been held in an undisclosed location since last year's military coup.

    India's capital, New Delhi, was under an acrid haze today after a giant landfill caught fire. Fire crews battled the flames overnight, but the garbage heap 17 stories' tall continued to spew fumes and smoke today. People living nearby said they fear for their health.

  • Sonu, Local Worker (through translator):

    We're very scared. We inhale these gases, causing diseases. I feel pain while breathing. There are many people like this. What to do?

  • Bhairo Raj, Waste Worker (through translator):

    There's a fire every year. It's not new. There's risk to life and livelihood. Many slum dwellings caught fire. People left. What do we do?

  • Amna Nawaz:

    Officials say that record heat caused decaying garbage to ignite. Overall, March was India's hottest month in more than a century, and April has been nearly as bad, with temperatures near 110 degrees.

    Back in this country, extreme drought has some six million Southern Californians facing mandatory cuts in water usage. The region's major supplier has ordered cities and public utilities to limit outdoor watering to once a week, or pay hefty fines. The first three months of this year were the driest on record in California.

    New York state's highest court today rejected congressional districts drawn by Democratic state legislators. The court found the boundaries were gerrymandered to favor Democrats. It also ruled the legislature lacked authority to draw maps in the first place. Instead, a special master will make new maps.

    U.S. Supreme Court justices and federal judges will be held to stricter standards of financial disclosure. The House of Representatives gave final approval today to a bill that already cleared the Senate. It followed reports of federal judges who've heard cases involving companies in which they or family members own stock. President Biden is expected to sign the measure.

    SpaceX has launched four astronauts, two men and two women, to the International Space Station. The team includes Jessica Watkins, the first Black woman making a long-duration spaceflight. The Americans — three Americans and one Italian blasted off in a Falcon rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida, early this morning. Plans call for them to spend six months on the station.

    And on Wall Street today, stocks had little to show for the day after a midday rally stalled. The Dow Jones industrial average gained 61 points to close at 33301. The Nasdaq fell about two points. The S&P 500 added eight.

    Still to come on the "NewsHour": how Syrians in Idlib view of the war in Ukraine while trying to defend their province against Vladimir Putin; Harvard details its ties to slavery and promises a reckoning; remembering Madeleine Albright, — the first female U.S. secretary of state is celebrated at her funeral; and much more.

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