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News Wrap: Israel will hold year’s 3rd election in March

In our news wrap Thursday, Israel is officially headed for its third election in less than a year. Lawmakers set a date after both Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and rival Benny Gantz failed to form a governing coalition. Also, search crews in Chile have found the remains of a military transport plane that disappeared Monday on its way to Antarctica. It’s believed all 38 people on board died.

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  • Judy Woodruff:

    In the day's other news: The House approved a Democratic bill to rein in drug costs under Medicare on a near party-line vote. The measure would let the government negotiate prescription drug prices. The bill has little chance in the Senate, where Republicans have the majority. We will have a detailed look later in the program.

    Reports from Britain tonight suggest that Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Conservatives have scored an overwhelming win in national elections. Exit polls give them an outright majority in Parliament. Johnson — Boris Johnson called the election two years early in a bid to break the political stalemate over Brexit.

    We will look at the results, and what all of this could mean, right after the news summary.

    Israel is now officially headed for a March 2 election, its third in less than a year. Lawmakers set the date today after both Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and rival Benny Gantz failed to form a governing coalition. As they read the news today, many Israelis complained of the seemingly endless political stalemate.

  • Diana Perkins:

    It's frustrating to have a third election, to think that we can't come to some sort of agreement as to how the country should move forward. And it just feels, in some ways, a little bit hopeless that there should ever be a peace process.

  • Judy Woodruff:

    Netanyahu is under indictment on corruption charges, but he remains in office as caretaker prime minister. Gantz has refused to serve under him.

    Search crews in Chile have found what's left of a military transport plane that disappeared Monday headed for Antarctica. It's believed that all 38 people on board died. The C-130 vanished at sea over the Drake Passage, an area known for severe and rapidly changing weather.

    In India, violent protests erupted today against a new law letting non-Muslim migrants become citizens. Tires burned in Tripura state and in nearby Assam. Windows were smashed and vehicles vandalized, and police killed two demonstrators. The Hindu nationalist government has rejected claims that the law is anti-Muslim and would attract more foreigners, diluting local cultures.

    Back in this country, a deadly attack on a kosher market in New Jersey is now being investigated as domestic terrorism. Six people, including a police officer and the two shooters, were killed in Jersey City on Tuesday. The state attorney general and others said today that the evidence points to anti-Semitism and more.

  • Gurbir Grewal:

    We believe that the suspects held views that reflected hatred of the Jewish people, as well as a hatred of law enforcement. We are still working to determine how they selected their particular targets for these attacks, specifically, both the J.C. Kosher Supermarket and Detective Joseph Seals.

  • Judy Woodruff:

    Investigators believe the two killers, a man and a woman, acted alone, and not as part of some larger group.

    The federal communications commission moved today to create a three-digit number, 9-8-8, for reaching a national suicide prevention hot line. It is designed to replace the current 10-digit number, making it easier and faster to get help. The changeover could take months to implement.

    Ten former National Football League players have been charged with defrauding the NFL's health care benefit program. The U.S. Justice Department says that they submitted false claims for medical expenses not covered by insurance. The alleged fraud resulted in more than $3.4 million being paid out.

  • Brian Benczkowski:

    A group of former players brazenly defrauded the plan by seeking reimbursement for expenses — for expensive medical equipment that they never purchased, things like hyperbaric oxygen chambers, ultrasound machines used by doctors' offices to conduct women's health exams, and even electromagnetic therapy devices designed for use on horses.

  • Judy Woodruff:

    Four of the former players were arrested this morning. The others also agreed to surrender.

    There's word that the United States and China are close to an agreement to suspend new tariffs from taking effect Sunday. A number of reports say that, if President Trump approves the deal, the U.S. would also reduce existing tariffs. China, in turn, would buy more U.S. farm products.

    Wall Street rallied on the trade news. The Dow Jones industrial average gained 220 points to close at 28132. The Nasdaq rose 63 points to a new record close. And the S&P 500 added 27, also finishing at a record.

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