News Wrap: New Mexico issues mandatory evacuation order as massive wildfire spreads

In our news wrap Sunday, New Mexico has issued mandatory evacuation orders as a huge wildfire east of Sante Fe grows rapidly, forecasters issued severe storm warnings for parts of the South and Midwest, former President Trump is holding a rally in Nebraska, a memorial service is held for former Vice President Walter Mondale, and the White House correspondents' dinner made its grand return.

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  • Geoff Bennett:

    In today's headlines, New Mexico has issued new mandatory evacuation orders as a huge wildfire east of Santa Fe grows rapidly. Two massive blazes merged into one this week, creating the largest wildfire currently burning in the US. Firefighting conditions have been especially difficult this weekend due to high temperatures, high winds and low humidity and decades of extreme drought have turned parts of the state into a tinderbox.

    Already this year, New Mexico has seen more fire damage than in all of 2021 and there are severe storm warnings across the middle of the country and parts of the south this evening. That will continue this coming week.

    Thunderstorms and possible tornadoes tore across Kansas and Illinois this weekend, including in parts of the Chicago area last night. Trees and power lines were toppled and dozens of structures were damaged by the strong winds, no injuries were reported.

    Former President Donald Trump is holding a rally this evening in Nebraska. Trump sent to campaign for his preferred candidate and the Nebraska gubernatorial race that's Charles Herbster, he's a millionaire farming industry executive.

    Herbster has come under intense criticism after two women accused him of sexual misconduct. Those allegations prompted a bipartisan group of state senators to call for him to end his campaign. Herbster denies the allegations.

    And former Vice President Walter Mondale's memorial service took place this afternoon in Minneapolis. Today's service was delayed for a year because of the pandemic. President Biden joined former staffers and local political leaders to honor the former senator.

    And last night, the White House Correspondents Dinner made its grand return two years after the pandemic shut it down. And six years since the last time the commander-in-chief attended the event. President Biden honed in on the theme of the evening celebrating a free press and he honored the assembled reporters. He also pokes fun at his predecessor Donald Trump's headlining comedian Trevor Noah took lighthearted jabs at both men.

  • Joe Biden, U.S. President:

    The first time President attended this dinner in six years. It's understandable. We had a horrible play, followed by two years of COVID.

    Trevor Noah, Host, "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah": Thank you for having me here. And I was a little confused about why me, but then I was told that you get your highest approval ratings when a biracial African guy standing next to you, so. So let me just say, Joe, I'm glad that I could do my part.

  • Geoff Bennett:

    The dinner also honored to black female pioneers of the White House Press Corps, and pay tribute to journalists killed in Ukraine while also honoring. Austin Tice, a reporter abducted in Syria in 2012.

    And still to come on "PBS News Weakened," the health of democracy and free speech in Turkey after a well-known businessman and activist is sentenced to life in prison. And the National Teacher of the Year, Kurt Russell, on the joys and challenges of teaching.

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