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News Wrap: Pakistan suicide bomber kills dozens at mosque

In our news wrap Friday, a suicide bomber killed at least 24 and injured dozens more at a Sunni Mosque in the northwest region of Pakistan. Also, President Obama renewed his efforts to get the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal through Congress. The bill has been denounced by both Democrats and Republicans, which the president said is due to “misinformation.”

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    In the day's other news: A suicide bomber killed at least 24 worshipers and injured dozens more at a Sunni mosque in Northwest Pakistan. The attacker struck at the village of Ambar in a tribal region near the Afghan border. Despite this, security in Pakistan has actually improved since 2013, with attacks dropping by nearly half.

    President Obama made a new push today for the Trans-Pacific trade deal. It's been roundly denounced by both Democrats and Republicans during this campaign season. The president blamed that on misinformation.


    If you're frustrated about rules of trade that disadvantage America, if you're frustrated about jobs being shipped overseas, then you want to get this thing passed, you want to get this thing done.


    Republican Governor John Kasich of Ohio was among political and business leaders meeting with the president, and urging Congress to approve the deal. But Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell says there won't be a vote before Mr. Obama leaves office.

    On Wall Street today, dropping oil prices were a factor as the Dow Jones industrial average lost 88 points to close at 18123. The Nasdaq fell five and the S&P 500 dropped eight. For the week, the Nasdaq rose 2 percent. The Dow and the S&P gained a fraction.

    And as of today, beer began flowing beneath the streets of a medieval Belgian city. After five months of construction, a brewery in Bruges opened a two-mile-long underground pipeline to pump beer to a suburban bottling plant. It replaces heavy trucks rolling down narrow, cobblestone streets.

  • XAVIER VANNESTE, Managing Director, Halve Maan Brewery:

    We have up to four to five of these tanker trucks a day sometimes, and that's really becoming difficult for environmental reasons. But also, just in general, the livability of the inner center of Bruges is sometimes threatened to that.


    The pipeline was partially financed through a crowdfunding appeal. Top contributors receive a bottle of beer every day for the rest of their lives.

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