News Wrap: Thousands attend ‘March for Our Lives’ rallies, demand action on gun control

In our news wrap Saturday, thousands of people in cities across the U.S. gathered for "March for Our Lives" rallies to demand action on gun control, President Biden visits New Mexico as firefighters battle wildfires and a heatwave hits the Southwest, the average price for a gallon of regular gasoline tops $5 a gallon, and the maker of the popular Sriracha hot-sauce suspends production.

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  • John Yang:

    Good evening. We begin with today's headlines and the second gathering of the student-led March for Our Lives rally. Thousands of people in cities across the country gathered to demand action on gun control in the nation's Capital. Speakers urged the crowd to keep up pressure on lawmakers to pass new legislation and not let recent mass shootings in Uvalde and Buffalo to fade from public attention. Among the speakers Raymond Whitfield whose mother was killed in the Buffalo grocery store mass shooting.

    Raymond Whitfield, Lost Mother in Buffalo Shooting: And yes, this time, this mom happens to be mine. But what of the next time and rest assured there will be a next time, 10 days later from Texas to Tulsa, or just another weekend on a Chicago west or south side, countless others that we've lost off count of have died. When will enough be enough for decent law abiding Americans to muster the courage to stand up and demand that our public servants begin to reflect what the greater populace has long since embrace common sense gun laws?

  • John Yang:

    Today, President Biden's the Democratic senators are mildly optimistic about reaching agreement with Republicans on new gun laws. Summer won't officially begin until later this month, but temperatures across the Southwest pushed records today, heading past 100 degrees in many cities. Tens of millions of Americans are under heat related advisories and the hot conditions are expected to shift east by next week.

    And in New Mexico, dangerously hot and dry conditions have made it difficult for firefighters battling 1000 square miles of wildfires. This afternoon President Biden arrived in Santa Fe to receive a briefing on the fires. The two largest blazes in the state's recorded history are still burning. Hundreds of homes and structures have been lost and 1000s of residents have been displaced.

    It's the news drivers across the country hope would never come. The average price for a regular gallon of gas has now hit an unprecedented $5 according to AAA and the oil price information service that's the most expensive gas has ever been. And spicy food lovers everywhere have cause to be concerned, the maker of the popular sriracha hot sauce says poor weather conditions have led to a bad chili harvest this year. Production of the popular condiment has been suspended many orders being put off until September.

    Still the column on the "PBS News Weekend," a look at the impact the capitol attack beyond politics. And Saudi-backed golf tournament creeps hazard for professional golf.

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