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News Wrap: Trump must turn over tax returns to NY, says appeals court

In our news wrap Monday, a New York federal appeals court ruled President Trump’s 2011 tax returns must be turned over to state prosecutors, as part of an investigation into payments to two women claiming affairs with Trump. Also, Iran has announced another violation of the 2015 nuclear deal Trump renounced a year ago. Its government said it is running twice as many advanced centrifuges as before.

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  • Amna Nawaz:

    In the day's other news: A federal appeals court in New York ruled that President Trump's tax returns from 2011 must be turned over to state prosecutors. It's part of an investigation into payments to two women who claimed to have affairs with Mr. Trump.

    The president had argued he has total immunity from state criminal law while he is in office. His lawyers said today they will now appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

    The government of Iran announced today it is running twice as many advanced centrifuges as before, key machinery to enriching nuclear material. It is Tehran's latest violation of the 2015 nuclear deal since President Trump renounced the agreement a year ago. And it came as the U.S. imposed new sanctions on high-ranking Iranian officials.

    Separately, demonstrators in Tehran burned American flags and chanted "Death to America" outside the former U.S. Embassy. Protesters took over the site 40 years ago today.

    In Iraq, fresh violence erupted in Central Baghdad, killing at least five people. Security forces opened fire on protesters closing in on key government buildings. Crowds scrambled for cover, as ambulances raced through streets.

    In the south, funerals were held in Karbala, where security forces killed three protesters last night, after violence outside the Iranian consulate.

  • Man (through translator):

    Our son is hero. He was carrying only the Iraqi flag, nothing else. The brazen militias attacked us and killed our son. So many Iraqi young men are jobless. They have no job. This government will never serve the Iraqi people.

  • Amna Nawaz:

    Protesters have called for an end to government corruption and to Iran's influence on the regime. Iran and its allies have, in turn, accused the U.S. of fomenting the trouble in Iraq.

    Protesters in Lebanon closed major roads today in a new show of discontent over economic hardship and corruption. People used sit-ins and debris to block streets in Beirut. The protests left cars stuck in traffic jams, and, for a third week, forced schools to shut down. Demonstrations had quieted after the prime minister resigned last week, but they flared back to life over the weekend.

    Thick smog shrouded India's capital city today, as pollution levels soared to a three-year high. The air quality index in New Delhi was at severe, which is nine times the recommended maximum level. It was caused largely by smoke from burning off farmland and fireworks set off during the Hindu festival of Diwali.

  • Bhairon Singh (through translator):

    The pollution in Delhi is very bad. And here at the airport, we are facing difficulty breathing. And there is a burning sensation in our eyes, as if someone has put chili powder in my eyes.

  • Amna Nawaz:

    Officials responded by limiting cars in the city with odd- or even-numbered license plates to using the roads only on alternate days.

    The Trump administration formally notified the United Nations today that the U.S. is quitting the Paris climate accord. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sent a letter that starts the one-year pullout process. The 2015 accord calls for nearly 200 nations to set their own goals for curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

    The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed rolling back limits on wastewater from coal-fired power plants. The Obama administration imposed the restrictions on discharges that contain coal ash and heavy metals. The EPA said today the rollback would save utilities $175 million annually and encourage voluntary cleanups. Opponents said it will harm public health.

    Firefighters up and down California now have the upper hand after a weekend of lighter winds and cooler temperatures. The Maria Fire, outside Los Angeles, was 80 percent contained today after burning more than 9,400 acres. And a blaze that charred 120 square miles in Northern California's wine country was also 80 percent contained.

    More than 460 state prison inmates in Oklahoma went free today, after their sentences were commuted. It was the largest single-day release in U.S. history, and it led to scenes of joy outside prisons.

    Republican Governor Kevin Stitt addressed one group in Taft, Oklahoma.

  • Kevin Stitt:

    This is really a second chance for each and every one of you. And I want to challenge you, because you know that there are — there will be tough times ahead. But your kids, your family, your future, everything depends on you getting tough and making sure that you get the help that you need, so you do not come back here and make the same mistakes that have happened in the past.

  • Amna Nawaz:

    Oklahoma has had the nation's highest rate of incarceration. But a new state law retroactively converted many low-level drug and property crimes to misdemeanors.

    Apple is pledging $2.5 billion to fight California's shortage of affordable housing. The money will go to build low- to moderate-income homes and create a fund for mortgage help. Google and Facebook have already promised $1 billion each. Workers flocking to tech jobs have sent housing prices soaring in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    And on Wall Street today, a new week brought new record closes on three major indexes. The Dow Jones industrial average gained 114 points to close at 27462. The Nasdaq rose 46 points, and the S&P 500 added 11.

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