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Viewers respond to report about euthanasia in Belgium

Hari Sreenivasan reads viewer comments about a recent NewsHour Weekend segment on Beligum's euthanasia law, the least restrictive law governing physician-assisted suicide in the world.

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    And now to Viewers Like You: Your comments about our recent work. Tonight, some of what you had to say about last Saturday's signature segment from Belgium describing that country's euthanasia laws, the least restrictive in the world.

    One viewer (PancakeSorting) said: I've seen patients get great comfort out of simply knowing they have the choice to end their suffering… I am, however, somewhat dubious about using euthanasia on psychiatric patients. Not because I doubt their suffering, but because I doubt their mental competency to make a life altering decision.

  • Hana Sheala added:

    I live with muscular dystrophy, and I hope euthanasia will not be legal, that there always are alternatives for being self determined even as a vented functional quadriplegic.

    There was this from lstcaress: After suffering from severe depression for thirty years and growing tired of being a drugged zombie, I'm appalled I'm not allowed this option.

    And from Michelle A. Mead: My mother and my cat were both dying at the same time. One of them was allowed to die with dignity. It was not my mother.

    Others commented about the provision in the Belgian law that allows for terminally ill children to choose euthanasia with their parents' consent.

    Briee della Rocca added: I wish we had this in the states. Everyone, even children, should be allowed to free themselves from unending pain and terminal conditions where treatment is only torture.

    Beth DeRoos said: Putting an innocent child to death because medical 'professionals' or parents feel its best? Sorry but actually executing a child which is what this is, is just so wrong.

    And finally, there was this from Hillery Geelon: Unless you're ever in that situation no one would ever be able to judge.

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