Viewers respond to report on controversy over Georgia mosque

Hari Sreenivasan reads viewer comments in response to a NewsHour Weekend report on controversy surrounding the opening of a mosque in a town in Georgia.

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    And now to Viewers Like You. Your feedback about some of our recent work.

    Many of you wrote us about last night's signature piece describing the controversy about a mosque being opened in one Georgia town.

    A few sympathized with opponents of the plan.

    Virginia Lee said: Can't help wanting to exclude Muslim FUNDAMENTALISTS from our country. Their rules concerning women are disgusting and seen to contravene our laws. Accept our culture or don't come.

  • Bachcole added this:

    If the Muslims do not pledge their belief in freedom of religion, then deport them. If they do pledge their belief in freedom of religion, then I don't care where they set up their mosque.

    One viewer said media coverage of terror acts by Muslim extremists overseas distorts American's views of Muslims.

    This is what happens when one terrorist group after another engages in mass murder and destruction in the name of Islam. The media reports all of these atrocities and this is what is seen. The reason we have such backlash against muslims has to do with the narrative, and that is the responsibility of the media as well as Muslims themselves. Good Muslims need to work that much harder to educate others.

    But most of you defended the right of American Muslims to worship as they please.

  • Angela Morrison wrote:

    Sorry folks. You either believe in freedom of religion and the Constitution or you don't. You don't get to pick and choose.

    AK said: We are full functioning hypocrites. We love free speech until we dislike what is being said. We love freedom of religion as long as it is our religion.

    And Greg Costello added this: I've lived next door, literally 20 yards away, from a Mosque for the past 4 years. Haven't had a single bad encounter. People fear what they don't know. They fear people who are different.

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