Viewers respond to our report on food waste

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    And now to our "Viewers Like You" segment. Your thoughts about our program.

    Our piece last week about new entrepreneurial efforts to limit food waste was well received.

    James Carnazza tweeted us"It's encouraging to see more mainstream coverage of ways to address the food waste challenge in the USA."

    On the NewsHour website, Brent Krocker wrote:

    "What a great piece on food waste in America. I'm guilty and sickened by the food we throw away every day. I would love to see more programs to compost and recycle the food we put into our landfills every day. I believe that the food giants would make a huge difference if we could implement a composting program within them."

    But Jim Gordon wrote:

    "Composting is admitting defeat in most cases. Let's work to prevent waste to the point composting is the only salvage option. There are too many hungry working poor out there. In Japan farmers put up a little roadside self-service shack to offer cheap or free cosmetically challenged foods to the public."

    A number of you told us of local efforts to curb food waste.

    Pamela L Hoak said:

    "The big stores here in northern Indiana give the food that is nearing its sell by date to the food bank. Therefore I believe that the food bank and food pantries should learn about, or implement, a compost program so that any food left over can be composted. There are many unity/community gardens that could easily take on the task of composting for their local area."

    On Facebook, Steve Williamson wrote:

    "It's just stupid what we toss. All of that could be going to making soil. And you know what soil is good for? Growing food without the need for tons of chemicals."

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