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Viewers respond to report on gap between science and public opinion

Alison Stewart reads viewer comments about a recent interview that described a Pew Research Center poll, which found a large gap exists between what scientists believe and public opinion.

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    And now to Viewers Like You: your chance to comment on some of our recent work. Many wrote us about our interview describing a recent pew poll — a poll that found a large gap between what scientists believe and what the public believes.

    On the issue of genetically modified foods, The Reader commented: Scientists are so busy creating "bigger and better" they fail to consider the penalties of their creations. After water, fruits and vegetables are the staff of life, and life should, at the very least, be real.

    Gary Guthrie said: What's scary is that 12 percent of scientists apparently believe that GMO's are not safe to eat. That is the group to look to for facts.

  • And from YaanG:

    The general public may distrust science on questions of what constitutes a healthy diet because they were led astray so many times. Think of how scientific thought has changed on dietary cholesterol, good/bad fats, carbs, equivalence of different sugars, food pyramids. etc etc.

    Linda Baetzel Szulczewski added: I agree that GMO is probably OK. I do think that we have a right to know what is [a] GMO.

    There was this from Fredric Dennis Williams: In the end, surveys of the ignorance of the population only serve to show (1) people lack a decent education and the ability to discern fact from fiction; (2) government misleads people, usually intentionally and for its own purposes; and (3) the media look for sensational stories that inspire fear. Welcome to Dumbocracy 2015.

    Mary Bethune Jordan said: I guess I'll have to look into who is behind the PEW Research Center. I don't buy this poll.

    And finally this, from Rolfe Eric Tikkala: I'm with science on this, but then again I bet on the Seahawks.

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