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Protesters picket outside the event site before Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump begins a rally with supporters in Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S. May 24, 2016.  REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst
Poll: 93 percent of Mexicans have ‘no confidence’ in Donald Trump

WASHINGTON — Mexicans dislike President Donald Trump. A lot. According to a new poll, just 5 percent of Mexicans trust Trump’s judgment in international affairs. That’s the American leader’s lowest rating among citizens of more than three dozen nations polled…

Nation Jun 22

What about guns divides Americans?

Pollsters often ask people about gun control and gun rights, but this survey attempts to better understand America's complicated relationship with firearms.

Nation May 18

Love.  Rear view of a multiracial couple holding hand. Photo by Adobe Stock Images.
1 in 6 newlywed spouses are of different race or ethnicity

Five decades ago, only 3 percent of the people in the country were intermarried — that is, had spouses of a different race or ethnicity. That was in 1967 when the Supreme Court ruled interracial and interethnic marriage was legal…

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