Will Trump take the battleground state of Iowa?

During the last two decades, Iowa has largely voted for Democratic presidential candidates. But this year Republican Donald Trump is expected to take the state. The NewsHour’s Jeffrey Brown, who is covering the Trump campaign, joins Alison Stewart from Sioux City, Iowa, to explain what has changed in the battleground state.

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    And the "NewsHour's" Jeff Brown is covering the Trump campaign. He joins me now from Sioux City, Ohio, also a battleground state, where Trump is now expected to win — Jeff.


    Hi, Alison.

    Yes, I'm in the convention center in Sioux City, where a big rally just finished up. You can hear the Rolling Stones playing behind me and a few people still left here.

    The place holds about 3,000 people, we were told. It was filled to capacity and there are many thousands beyond outside.

    It was kind of a standard speech at this point, to the core, to the base. And this is exactly where a lot of the Trump base is, northwest Iowa. This has been part of the people who have been supporting him from the beginning. He joked when he got here that he had been told that he didn't even really have to come here today. So, but he said, of course, I wanted to come here because I want to be with the people in Iowa.

    And, of course, the reason why they feel so optimistic is because of this poll that came out last night that showed Trump up seven percentage points here in Iowa and I think that took everybody by a bit of surprise.


    Jeff, let's take a look at the past 20 years in Iowa. If you go back from 1996, the winners were Clinton, Gore, Bush, Obama, Obama.

    So, what's changed in the last four years that Iowa seems poised to give its six electoral votes to the Republican candidate?

  • BROWN:

    Well, it's true. This is a state that has gone mostly for Democratic presidential candidates, but I think what's happened is you have seen Iowa generally moving more red. You see that in the state house, the state senate, which may go Republican this campaign. You see it in the two Senate seats which are both Republican. And now, it looks as though Iowa is going fully red for this presidential campaign.


    Jeff Brown from Sioux City, Iowa — thanks so much.

  • BROWN:

    You're welcome, Alison.

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