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‘You’re not alone’: How teenagers are dealing with social distancing

Schools across the U.S. have now been shuttered for weeks, forcing kids to stay home and parents to help orchestrate their online learning. But the adjustments to remote study and social isolation aren't easy for young people. NewsHour’s Student Reporting Labs, our journalism training program for high school students, shares some of the ways teenagers are coping in the age of social distancing.

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  • Judy Woodruff:

    By now, schools have been shuttered for weeks across the country.

    It can be hard on parents to help orchestrate remote learning. And shelter-in-place presents its own challenges for young people.

    NewsHour's Student Reporting Labs — that's our journalism training program for high school students — shares some ways that teenagers are coping in the age of quarantine.

  • Cole Fletchall-Silva:

    Me and many other Americans have been living on lockdown. And during this time, we have been committing ourselves to a pretty strict routine of waking up at a reasonable time, running so I get some Vitamin D, eating, doing homework, eating again, doing more homework.

  • Clare Jones:

    I have learned to engage with my parents a little bit more, playing Scrabble and binge-watching television shows.

  • Isabelle Mesropian:

    During this whole time, my teachers have been really flexible, especially with the amount of work they give. Honestly, I miss the classroom atmosphere. It's sometimes hard to stay motivated when you're at home with all of these other distractions around you.

  • Benjamin Cure:

    This is kind of my setup. We're required to document it for our video log for today.

    So, pretty much what I'm doing is, I have this little desk set up here in front of my TV. It has my homework, my folders, and I kind of do that while watching the TV to kind of keep myself updated with the news for the day.

  • Salma Valenzuela:

    Honestly, I'm very upset. The coronavirus really affected me because it took away my senior year, and I have just been trying to push through.

  • Patrick Hunter:

    Due to this outbreak, I won't be able to run track to compete. So, I started working out myself. I like to look on the bright side of things by trying to go out for a nice jog once in a while and keep myself fit, not losing my endurance.

  • Kat Gonzalez:

    I can't see my friends, but that's OK, because technology is great, and we have Xbox Live and FaceTime.

  • Isabelle Mesropian:

    Although social distancing is hard, and it can be very frustrating staying inside every day, all day, these are necessary precautions. So, hopefully soon,everything will get figured out and everything will go back to normal.

  • Kat Gonzalez:

    Overall, I'm taking this really seriously, and I hope that others are too, so we can get back into the swing of things.

  • Patrick Hunter:

    That's all it for me. Thank you guys for tuning in, and stay safe.

  • Isabelle Mesropian:

    Thanks for hanging out with me today.

  • Cole Fletchall-Silva:

    Just keep in mind that everyone else is as worried and confused as you are. What I mean is that you're not alone. Stay inside and stay safe.

  • Judy Woodruff:

    Thank you all. That was just what we needed to hear tonight. Thank you, Student Reporting Labs.

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