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Youth, Advertisers Flock to Networking Web Sites

Advertisers and employers are moving to take advantage of social networking Web sites, such as MySpace and Facebook, as the sites draw hefty numbers of users. Judy Woodruff reports on the phenomenon in the first part of a series on 16-to-25 year olds, which will culminate in a PBS documentary airing in January.

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  • ADORA MORA, Student:

    "Hi. I know you're probably wondering who this may be."

  • JUDY WOODRUFF, NewsHour Special Correspondent:

    Eighteen-year-old Adora Mora is reading a message she received on her favorite Web site for socializing.


    "I know your sister Ebella (ph). When I searched her last name on Facebook, I also came across your page."


    For millions of young people like Adora, responding to messages like this one has become an easy way to make and sustain friendships. Before arriving at Harvard University to begin her freshman year, Adora has already connected online with a number of new "friends."

    So how many in the freshman class at Harvard do you already know?


    Probably around 50. How many do I talk to on a regular basis? Maybe around like 10, you know?


    Really? Already?


    Yes. Yes. I got kind of addicted to it last month. I would do it everyday.