The PBS NewsHour gratefully acknowledges support from the following individuals and family foundations who have generously provided support to the NewsHour in the past twelve months.

$100,000 +

Estate of Arnold Adams
American Securities Foundation
Paul and Kathy Anderson
Deerbrook Charitable Trust
Gruber Family Foundation
Brigitte Kerpsack and Dave Olsen
The KHD Fund
Leonard and Norma Klorfine Foundation
Judy and Peter Blum Kovler Foundation
Jacqueline B. Mars
Howard and Abby Milstein Foundation
The John and Wendy Neu Foundation
Tom and Laurie Saylak
George and Camilla Smith

$50,000 — $99,999

Georgette Bennett and Leonard Polonsky
Jim and Nancy Bildner
Arthur D. Collins, Jr. Foundation
Kristin Gamble
Jerome Jacobson Foundation
Dr. Uma Lele
Gordon and Linda Prescott
Jay and Sharon Rockefeller
Roger Sant
Sunrise Foundation
Koo and Patricia Yuen

$25,000 — $49,999

Melanie R. Adams and Dennis M. Fisher
Ajana Foundation
Appaloosa Management Charitable Foundation
Jocelyn Bauer
Bedford Falls Foundation, Joanne and Bill Conway
Jane Borg and Barry Blattman
John and Louise Bryson
Dr. Anne M. Cooper-Chen
David Crane and Jeff Wells
desJardins / Blachman Fund
Consuelo Duroc-Danner
FJC – A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds
Garnett Family Charitable Trust
Paul and Marcia Ginsburg
The Glassman Family
Louise Grunwald
In honor of Kitty Hawks
The Hope Family Partners Fund
John R. Karlik
Stephen and Marilyn Kerman Charitable Fund
Bill and Karen Lavoie
The Mason Hirst Foundation
Jerry and Elaine Morgan
Marjon Ornstein
Frederic C. Rich
Jerry Rosenthal and Cionna Buckley
Dr. Margaret Ruttenberg
Esther Simon Charitable Trust
Lise Strickler and Mark Gallogly
The Treasure Hill Foundation
Washington Square Hotel
Sandy and Steve Waters, Anne and Jim Nethercott
Edward B. Whitney and Martha C. Howell

$10,000 — $24,999

Ronald and Marilyn Bates
Otho Eskin and Therese Keane
Robert Foster
Foundation Source
Todd Harman
Michelle Hubbard
Mike and Sheila Kurzman
Barry and Wendy Meyer Foundation
Nicholas B. Ottaway Foundation
Eleanor Ridley
Swift Impact Fund
The Winters Family Fund

$1,000 — $9,999

Ann Abbott
Lilli Alberga and Larry Bardoff
Sheila and Beryl Anthony
Jennifer Apostol and Marco DiPaul
Grant Averett
Randy G. Baidas and William K. Reeves
William I. Baldwin Jr.
Benjamin and Susan Baxt
Lura Hess Bechtel
Helen and Peter Bing
Andrew and Claire Bjelland
Andrew Bruml
Sondra Brunhumer
Christopher Buck
Mary Elizabeth and Jeffrey Bunzel
Bruce Burlington
Jerry and Susan Caccappolo
Nancy and Colin Campbell
Carol Cavanaugh
Ty Cramer and Steve Romein
Dean Criares
John and Marcia Dalton
Robert and Stephanie Donaho
John Durbin
The Eisenberg Family Fund
Charles and Elaine Engelstein
Dean and Cynthia Ervin
The Farber Fund
Jamy and Charles Faulhaber
Helen Fisher
Dundas I. Flaherty and Sandra Kulli
Elizabeth and Irvine Flinn
Vicki and David Fleishhacker
Toby Forden
Charles and Melissa Froland
Caroline Gabel
Joyce Gillard
Steve and Andrea Grable
Charles Gregory
Jane Guiliano
Ken Guthrie and Judy Reinsdorf
Dr. Gary Hammerstrom
Myles Hansen
Lucy Harrington and Gustavo Schwed
Martha Harris
Louise Heinz
Paul and Alexandra Herzan
Jane Hitchcock and Jim Hoagland
Michael N. Hofman and Janet Moyer
Joseph Homer
The Horizon Charitable Foundation
Richard and Amy Hosier
David Jaffe
Anne Jamieson
Lee A. Johnson
In Honor of Mary B. Kelly
Susan Keogh
Georg Kucsko
Deborah and Rocco Landesman
The Larners
Nicholas Lefevre
Mazie Livingston Cox
David Lynn
David Mack
Betsy Hollingsworth Magowan
The Community Foundation Martin – St. Lucie
Tim and Linda McCarthy
Amy McWethy
Marilyn and Ed Melia
Friedrike Merck
Betty Milum
Jane Mitchell
Ruth Mooney
Richard Morris
Nancy Newcomb and John Hargraves
Robyn and Doyle Newmyer
Patrick O’Donnell
Pamela Paul
Richard Phelps Family
Elena Phipps and Alan Finkel
Pink House Trust
Paul Podell
Virginia Popper
The Queenan Foundation
Eden Rafshoon
Karen and George Rathman
Jean Margo Reid
The Ripple Foundation
Ted and Betsy Rogers
Ann Ross
Jim Schachterle and Mary Anne Ingram
James L. Schenz and Miriam G. Simmons
Lisa Schubert and Jeff Jorgensen
Paul and Deborah Shanahan
Alan and Sue Sherbrooke
David and Deborah Shipler
Michael Siegfried
Charles P. Sitkin
Matthew J. Smith
Ina Smith-Tornberg
Elizabeth Solomon
Bente Strong
Brendan and Lila Sullivan
Julie Sullivan
Margot and Phil Sunshine
Walter and Margaret Swain
Béla Szigethy
Carol and Joe Thompson
Gregory Thor
Caleb Wertenbaker
Judy and Josh Weston
Douglas Whatmore
Maja Wichrowska
Linda Winslow
Ellen Wood
Dennis and Cecilia Wraase