$100,000 +

Paul and Kathy Anderson
Blum-Kovler Foundation
Gruber Family Foundation
Howard and Abby Milstein Foundation
The John and Wendy Neu Foundation
Tom and Laurie Saylak
The Estate of Frank A. Sis
George and Camilla Smith

$50,000 — $99,999

Georgette Bennett and Leonard Polonsky
Helen and Peter Bing
Deerbrook Charitable Trust
The Estate of Priscilla E. Dever
Kristin Gamble
Jon and Mindy Gray
Jerome Jacobson Foundation
Dr. Uma Lele
Friedrika Merck
The Ripple Foundation
Theodore C. and Elizabeth B. Rogers
Roger and Vicki Sant
Koo and Patricia Yuen

$25,000 — $49,999

Appaloosa Management Charitable Foundation
Jocelyn Bauer
Bedford Falls Foundation, Joanne and Bill Conway
Jane Borg and Barry Blattman
Ed Bradley Family Foundation
John and Louise Bryson
David Crane and Jeff Wells
desJardins / Blachman Fund
Consuelo Duroc-Danner
Otho Eskin and Therese Keane
Elizabeth and Irvine Flinn
Garnett Family Charitable Trust
Paul and Marcia Ginsburg
Stephen and Marilyn Kerman Charitable Fund
J.A. Lowry
The Mason Hirst Foundation
Meg and John Pinto
Frederic C. Rich
Jay and Sharon Rockefeller
Dr. Margaret Ruttenberg
Clarice Smith
Lise Strickler and Mark Gallogly

$10,000 — $24,999

Carol Cavanaugh
Goulder Family Foundation
Louise Grunwald
Nancy Newcomb and John Hargraves
Craig Newmark Foundation
Jane McGary
Rita Paul
Jerry Rosenthal and Cionna Buckley
Friends of Linda Winslow
The Winters Family Fund

$1,000 — $9,999

Carol and Ken Adelman
Robin Shelby Arditi
Lura Hess Bechtel
Andrew Bruml
Sharon Desh
John S. Driscoll
J. Scott Fantz
Dundas Flaherty
Toby Forden
Francine Glass
Cynthia Greenleaf
Myles Hansen
Martha and Scott Harris Fund
GW Heck
Lee and Paula Hougen
Paula and Wayne Hundt
Lorrie and Ian Huschle
Darlene Jeris
Alan Kornberg and Harold Koda
Mike and Sheila Kurzman
Deborah and Rocco Landesman
Mazie Livingston Cox
Holly Magowan
Richard Morris
Patrick O’Donnell
Dave Olsen
Richard Phelps Family
Virginia Popper
The Queenan Foundation
Norm Richie
Indré and Justin Rockefeller
Alan and Sue Sherbrooke
David and Deborah Shipler
Bente Strong
James Walker
Josh Weston
Linda Winslow
Bruce and Andrea Yablon

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