Arts Dec 29

What were your favorite books, films and TV shows of 2016?

What outstanding works of literature, television, art, and film captured your attention in 2016? Our arts correspondent, Jeffrey Brown, spoke this week with leading voices in the arts about some of the most compelling contributions in these fields. Now we…

Science Dec 28

Watch 7:37
The science that shaped 2016

What did 2016 mean for science? Science correspondent Miles O’Brien sits down with William Brangham to discuss some of the more remarkable discoveries, innovations and setbacks this year, including the confirmation of one of Einstein's major predictions, the global outbreak…

Arts Dec 27

4 more books our critics loved this year

What were the best books of 2016? Best-selling authors Jacqueline Woodson and Daniel Pink shared their favorites on our show, but we couldn't fit all their picks. Here are 4 more favorites.