Nov 08

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Police reform draws big response from Black voters

African-Americans took centerstage on Saturday night as President-elect Joe Biden thanked them for always “having [his] back” and propelling him to victory. NewsHour Weekend’s Christopher Booker reports from Philadelphia, a city whose Black voters helped Biden carry the state of…

Nov 03

George Floyd’s brother rallies voters on Election Day

George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Rayshard Brooks: Their names re-energized the Black Lives Matter movement and put race at the center of this year’s general election. On Election Day, their loved ones will await signs that their public grief…

Oct 26

New York City sued over clashes with Floyd protesters

Two civil rights organizations are suing New York City on behalf of protesters who say they were roughed up by police officers because they expressed anti-police views during nightly demonstrations in the spring in the wake of George Floyd’s death.