Apr 02

Why education won’t solve America’s inequality crisis

Earnings inequality in America has increased since 1979 — that much we know. But why and what to do about it is murky — in part because we’re often talking past each other when we talk about inequality. There are…

Science Mar 16

How data may make better medicine

Since the 1950s, overall productivity has gone down in biomedical and pharmaceutical research and development, but limited data exists to help policy and industry experts understand why. The Brookings Institution recently explored these issues in innovation.

Mar 04

Why this is only the beginning of the fight over the Fed

Observers on both sides of the aisle agree that partisan bickering, especially over the Federal Reserve, is at an all-time high. Look for the debate over the Fed to play a key role in upcoming presidential nominating contests, says former…

World Oct 01

US, China air differences over Hong Kong protests

WASHINGTON — The top U.S. and Chinese diplomats publicly aired differences Wednesday over the protests in Hong Kong, where students want democratic changes to the electoral system.

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