News Wrap: Ukraine warns Russia is closing in on key eastern city, control of the Donbas

In our news wrap Sunday, Ukraine warns that Russia could soon encircle a critical eastern city, the FBI are investigating dozens of members of a white supremacist group arrested in Idaho near an LGBTQ pride event, retired Gen. John Allen submitted his resignation as the president of the Brookings Institution, and President Biden says the federal government will pay New Mexico's wildfire costs.

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  • John Yang:

    In today's other headlines, the FBI has joined local authorities to investigate dozens of members of a white supremacist group arrested in Idaho yesterday afternoon. The quarterly police chief said they were preparing to riot. Acting on a tip police took 31 members of the group Patriot fronted the custody near an LGBTQ Pride event.

    The group dressed in navy blue shirts and khaki cargo plans had a U-Haul truck full of riot gear and papers that describe an operational plan. They are to be arraigned tomorrow on charges of conspiracy to riot which is a misdemeanor.

    Ukraine warns that Russia could soon and circle a critical eastern city inching closer to control of The Donbas. Smoke can be seen rising from steady Russian shelling of a chemical plant in Severodonetsk where Ukrainian civilians are said to be sheltering.

    In the country's western region where attacks have been relatively few lately, Russian say they destroyed a depot full of U.S. and European military aid. Ukrainian say nearly two dozen were injured in the attack. Russian video which cannot be verified shows missile strikes on Ukrainian targets.

    In Washington, General John Allen submitted his resignation today as President of the Brookings Institution. The retired four star Marine General and former commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan is under investigation for allegedly secretly lobbying for Qatar and lying about it to federal agents.

    Allen was already on administrative leave and has not been charged with any crime.

    And President Biden says the federal government will pay all the costs of fighting New Mexico's wildfires. The President made the commitment while meeting with state officials in New Mexico yesterday, amid outrage from residents that the largest blaze in the state's recorded history was started by a U.S. Forest Service prescribed burn.

    Still to come on "PBS News Weekend," mothers in Somalia fight drought and famine to feed their children. And on weekend briefing, we'll look at the political climate as the Senate reaches a bipartisan gun deal. And this week January 6, hearings continue.

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